How do I prepare for a scan?

There is nothing special you need to do! Wear the same undergarments you would wear under the remedial compression garments. It is not suggested to do any strength training of the areas intended for scanning for 1 day prior, as the muscles will be swollen and give a false baseline measurement. You do not have to eat or drink differently.

Is CAPE only for elite athletes?

CAPE currently visits and scans professional teams only, but we will be expanding our scanning services shortly.

Why are you called CAPE Bionics?

CAPE is an acronym for Custom Athletic Performance Enhancement. Our Founder also spent 2.5 years living on Cape Cod as a postdoctoral scholar at MIT, and also worked at Cape Canaveral with NASA. We use the term bionics because we are providing devices which augment your physiology.

How do you scan an athlete?

We use professional structured-light hand-held scanners, which we bring to your training base. These scanners are accurate to sub-mm, and are necessary to craft a precision custom-fit compression garment for you. If you are to be issued with calf sleeves, we scan left and right legs separately because they are different and require a custom sleeve for each. The same goes if you are being issued for arm sleeves. Each scan takes about 10 seconds, and you can see your 3D scan grown on the screen in front of you.

What is AutoTailor?

We have developed and patented a system called AutoTailor that imports the athlete 3D scan, material properties and desired compression regime, and outputs the pattern for cutting and assembly. It is based on the same technology, algorithms and processes used to design the spacesuits that ultimately went to the International Space Station. AutoTailor does not just take major dimensions from a scan, or use commercial applications to interrogate the scan - we have developed our own process of identifying the critical body landmarks and extracting hundreds of measurements to design your garment from scratch, so that your garment is a precision fit. Our system has also been refined to improve execution speed, which makes custom sizing garments of various materials, and at various compression regimes, rapid and affordable for you.

What are your different compression regimes for performance, travel and recovery?

We have developed specific and different compression regimes for these applications through our associations with some of the leading sports scientists on the planet. The regimes are the result of merging our extensive physiological expertise in compression from space, medical and sport applications into optimum remedial pressure regimes for you. The ability to impose these regimes on you, and bring you significant advantage, is what our success is built on. We therefore do not reveal these regimes, as we don’t wish to give away the solution to any potential competitors.

The cuffs on my CAPE sleeves have little soft dots on the inside – what are they for?

We use a pattern of small silicone dots on our cuffs to ensure your sleeves do not slip. This pattern is better than silicone stripes or wavy lines as it allows perspiration to escape around and through the dots.

How do I know which is the left and right sleeve?

In accordance with medical standards, we put a red ‘R’ label on the right sleeve, and a blue ‘L’ label on the left sleeve. These labels are on the outside so you can see them easily. We also put a label which states your name, player number, sleeve type (performance, recovery, travel), the date of manufacture, and the signature of our quality control officer.

What garments do you make?

Our core product is calf sleeves – these are incredibly practical and effective remedial garments for running athletes as they improve blood flow for the entire leg. We also make arm sleeves, and will release leggings and a full suit soon.

How do I wash my CAPE sleeves?

It’s very important that you regularly wash your sleeves. We recommend you wash them after you wear them 3 times. This resets/restores the elastane to ensure the design compression is being applied. Just throw the sleeves in with your other clothes in the wash (not hot), and no tumble dry.