Tryout Schedule

11u-15u Tryout Schedule. 16u-19u Tryout Schedule. Note: There is a mandatory 15 minutes meeting outside the clubhouse prior to your FIRST scheduled tryout time. The DOC will greet and fill members in on tryouts and offers amongst other pertinent information.

Registration Information

Registration is for boys or girls born between 2011-2003 interested in joining the Croatian Eagles Soccer Club. 1. Online Registration is required. 2. Tryout fee is $20 prior to June 1 and $30 anytime after June 1. There will be a small transaction fee for use of demosphere. 3. Players must arrive 30 minutes prior to their tryout time.

  • Check in occurs at the Croatian Eagles clubhouse (far west end of park).
  • Players will receive a tryout bag and a tryout T-shirt.
  • Players will have the opportunity to try on uniforms if needed.
  • Bring cleats, athletic wear, soccer ball, shin guards and water.
  • Parents can stay or leave, however, parents are not allowed to record or take pictures of any of the sessions for the safety and privacy of the players involved.
  • If parents chose to stay the are encouraged to stay away from their child's field to allow for maximum focus and concentration for your child(ren).
4. Let admin staff know if your child cannot make the tryout dates. Alternative arrangements can be made.

Offer Process

Players at 11u and above will be receiving offers to play on a team at their age level based on skill, attitude, physical ability, and coachability amongst other attributes. On a June 25th at noon for 11u-15u or July 2 at noon for 16u-19u, team assignments will be communicated in three ways: 1. All offers will be posted on our website under the tryout/evaluations tab. These offers will be posted numerically according to the tryout number. 2. A club email will be sent to each player with directions on how to accept the position. * Accept the offer within 24 hours using the link in the offered email. * Failure to respond (accept) within 24 hours may result in a player’s position on the team being offered to another. * Communicate to the coach of the team with any questions. 3. Many offers will also be followed up with a call from the coach. If you do not receive a call right away, please understand that coaches have many players to contact. Important note: WYSA Policy states: Response from Players: Acceptance must be in writing (email or written letter is sufficient). If registration with your club constitutes acceptance of an offer ( IT DOES for us), there must be a written statement communicating that in the offer or on the registration form. Players may respond immediately to offers, but are not required to respond immediately. The club representative contacting the player should remind them that an immediate response is not necessary and how much time a player has to respond (up to 24 hours, unless it is an early offer which cannot expire before 12:00 noon on the Universal Offer date for the respective age group). Any offer extended to a player is valid for at least 24 hours during which time the player is guaranteed a spot on the team specified. A club or team may extend the length of time an offer is valid at their discretion. A player is considered committed to a team when a written acceptance occurs AND a parent/guardian completes the player registration and submits to a club representative. The tryout registration is not considered the player registration. Any refund policies are at the sole discretion of the club. Any player who commits to a team and then wants to change to another team in the same registration year will be considered a transfer and such transfer is subject to Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association competitive player transfer policies.