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Compression works - but it must be custom-fitted with specific pressure regimes for genuine and consistent benefit.

The latest technology from the aerospace industry, coupled with tailored know-how from the medical industry, fused with sports research into pressure regimes - CAPE has created a new category of personal medical-grade compression that brings consistent and genuine benefits: Prescription Compression.


CAPE produces completely custom compression sleeves for athletes, individually-sized from a 3D scan. 

The sleeves are individually tailored to provide optimum pressure for four different applications:

game performance, post-game recovery, travel and rehabilitation. 


Proprietary compression regimes and wearing protocols have been developed in conjunction with leading sports scientists, with the compression accuracy and physiological benefits proven through independent University testing.


Cape compression garments are accredited as a Class I Medical Devices, and are not to be confused with mass-market fashion or athleisure compression apparel. 



Heart rate is normal, movement is limited. Low to moderate graduated compression is comfortable, invokes vasodilation, reduces swelling/oedema. For longer flights (>4 hrs), or clinical applications, higher compression is recommended to reduce DVT risk.


Heart rate is high and muscle pumps are activated, but aerobic demand is also highest. Medium compression is optimum. Lower peak muscle oscillations reduce the likelihood of DOMS (and possibly injury).


Heart rate is normal, and body is in a semi-relaxed state. A higher level of compression is necessary to maximise blood flow and the removal of waste by-products from recent exercise.


Derived with Olympic-level Sports Physios.  Promotes blood flow, provides strong support/stability (without restricting movement), stimulates sensorimotor receptors for muscle awareness/position, and exerts very strong graduated assistance for lymphatic drainage and reducing oedema.