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Introducing Annette Eastwood

Sports Physiologist Dr Annette Eastwood has an extensive background in elite sport having spent 15 years working in the elite sport system in Australia. As a Senior Physiologist with the Australian Institute of Sport, Annette worked closely with the Triathlon Australia High Performance Program and was the Physiologist for the Australian Triathlon Team at the 2016 Olympic Games as well as the Triathlon World Championships from 2014-2016.

Annette spent 10 years at the South Australian Sports Institute working with a variety of sports including cycling, rowing, kayaking, swimming, baseball, basketball and netball. Throughout her career, a key component of her role has been advising athletes on recovery strategies including the use of compression garments to enhance recovery and improve subsequent performance.

Annette is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Bond University where she has delivered numerous lectures on sports physiology with a focus on athlete preparation and recovery strategies.

In her spare time, Annette trains and competes in ultra-endurance triathlon and is a huge advocate for the use of compression garments to assist her own recovery from training and racing.

When asked her thoughts about compression garments Annette said:

There is good scientific evidence to support the use of compression garments for improving performance and recovery. Numerous studies have shown improvements in subsequent performance and physiological markers of recovery when compression garments are used in the recovery period. Perceptual markers of recovery are also improved when compression garments are worn, which shows that athletes themselves acknowledge the benefits.

Compression garments should form an essential component of an athletes travel regime to minimise the risk of medical issues associated with air travel, and to ensure that athletes arrive at their destination ready to perform at their best.

One of the major limitations with off the shelf compression garments is the lack of customisation. In order to get the optimal benefit from compression garments, it is important that they are custom designed to fit the individual athlete and that specific compression regimes are applied. This is where Cape Bionics is leading the way in the field of compression. By using leading edge technology, and garment design originally developed for astronauts, Cape Bionics ensure that their compression garments and protocols are customised specifically to the individual athlete. This is what makes Cape the most advanced compression garments both on and off the planet!

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